The future can't be seen, but it can be catered for: with innovative short term financial services and products, backed by a professional and passionate service team offering a fast, friendly and effective claims interface.


When you phone our Contact Centre, be it to enquire, lodge a claim or simply ask for help, the consultant on the line is focused on one thing: exceeding your expectations. Rest assured, you'll get friendly, assured and knowledgeable service from someone trained to work quickly and confidently; someone who will listen first; who'll first understand your needs, and only then offer a solution.

We live our values at Pinnacle. We have decided, amongst ourselves to uphold a simple creed: to treat others as we would be treated. That means being friendly, and it means being helpful

We believe we HAVE to help each other, for the sake of a better future; to see society flourish … so that we can flourish, that those we love flourish, and so on. Helping people makes the world better, and helping requires caring.

That's why when you call, we care.

"The servant heart"

There is no higher cause than service. We at Pinnacle believe that in our hearts. We believe in excellence, and like you, we strive to practice excellence in our everyday lives. We don't prescribe to our clients - that's not 'service' - rather we meet at a common level, discuss the options, and work towards a solution, together.

That for us is for service excellence.

That's our 'Pinnacle', our goal, and our promise.

Our approach to service

Professionals and companies offering a high degree of service have one thing in common: quite simply … they CARE. Management cares. Employees care. Everyone cares about people.

Service is not static. It can and must evolve, it must always be improved. Focus, in-depth knowledge and personal attention are imperative. That's why at Pinnacle we have an entire division dedicated to the development of products, incentives, claims handling and enquiries.

Our relationships

Our culture of caring and respect is the basis on which we've built our reputation, a reputation for solid, trusted and long-lasting relationships. We prioritise relationships. We value them enormously. Mutual relationships have been, and continue to be, the foundation of our success.