We Develop Specialised Financial Product And Services

Innovative architects of niche-market insurance solutions

Pinnacle Marketing is an independent broker, specialising in the development and marketing of unique short-term insurance products; our specialist areas being the cellular and retail industries. Our products are designed for our clients particular needs.


We offer 

  • Mobile device insurance
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Tailor made products

These products are well-researched, they have been well-received, they are always relevant, and they are rated by our clients, and our competition, as some of the industry’s best.


Our valued partners

  • Guardrisk Insurance Company Limited
  • ACE Insurers
  • Constantia Insurance Company Limited
  • Monitor Insurance Administrators
  • Administration Plus

Brands we are proud to partner with

  • MTN
  • Woolworths

The Cornerstones Of Our Brand

Our staff are chosen, in part, for their ability to think out the box, both individually and in a team environment. Remarkable thinking and idea sharing is intrinsic to our culture. It is encouraged at every opportunity. Our products are unique, relevant and highly-rated primarily thanks to the thought that goes into their development.
We don’t settle for mediocrity at Pinnacle; rather we strive to live in excellence. This means being constantly engaged in ‘being better’. It means evolving our products and improving our skills; going an extra mile just to put a smile on someone’s face. It means being dedicated to the very highest levels of service.
We are a company built on relationships, built on trust and on service. Each of these cornerstones requires that we live our values on a daily basis. The phrase ‘honesty without exception’ actually means something at Pinnacle, simply because exemplary service and genuine caring demand nothing less.


Pinnacle Marketing follows a Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) strategy, focused in the key areas of management, employment equity, skills development, procurement, enterprise development and corporate social investment.  We recognise that transformation and BEE policies are integral to sustainable business practices. So we constantly engage in empowering our employees, as well as our broader communities, believing that success and responsibility go hand in hand, and that our success must be used to ensure upliftment. We do this through social investment, enterprise development and simple, honest caring.

Pinnacle's Milestones


Pinnacle Marketing is founded by current MD, Carl Smyth.


The Company introduces 24 Hour Mobility: an innovative financial insurance product specifically designed for the mobile device market. Marketed by MTN stores, it enjoys success as part of the MTN Branded Channel between 2000 and 2014.


On the back of 24 Hour Mobility’s success, Pinnacle launches Connect Cellphone insurance. Designed specifically for Woolworths stores, it is marketed at Woolworths Connect cellphone counters countrywide.


Pinnacle launches the first standalone GPS insurance product. 24Hour GPS


The company launches 2 new innovative financial products: Laptop Mobility and Accident 2 Health.


Pinnacle achieves over 50% growth in the monthly business, receiving phenomenal support from the MTN channel, and introduces an SME product


The Company partners with a new underwriting manager, Monitor Insurance Administrators, in an effort to achieve even higher service levels. A new contact centre is launched in December, specifically to promote their new product: 24hr Angel Assist.

Pinnacle continues to innovate, refining their products, keeping them relevant, while maintaining the exemplary service that has become a hallmark of the brand.


As part of our own re-branding campaign, Pinnacle introduces innovative build your own Liquid and Accident / Repair Only products.